BMW 4 series

BMW’s latest convertible comes in the form of the 4 series convertible. With the previous two door 3 series having been rebranded to the 4 series, the same now applies to the convertible version, and it is a car with truly great looks, features, and a real BMW feel to it.

Just as the 3 series convertible the 4 series has a retractable hardtop which consists of three pieces. This will retract or go up in 20 seconds, which can be done in speeds up to 18 km/h. Compared to the coupé version, the convertible has pretty much the same roof line, being just slightly taller. And apart from this, the two versions of the car share the same look for the most part, the biggest deviation being the rear part of the car which gets a more cut-off transition from the roof’s rear edge to the trunk. However this does not ruin the look of the car in our meaning, and many would probably agree that what matters more is how the car looks with the roof down. And here there is no doubt that BMW has created a very elegant convertible.

The coupé and convertible also have the choice of engines in common. While both are mated with an 8-speed automatic, you are given two different choices in terms of engine power: a turbocharged four cylinder engine giving 240 horsepower, or the bigger inline six–also turbocharged–giving 300 horsepower. While it can not be had with a manual transmission, it is available with four wheel drive. The 4 series convertible according to BMW is approximately 220 kilograms heavier than the coupé version (435i xDrive), which makes the 0-100 km/h half of a second slower. This is often the case with hardtop convertibles which tend to weigh more, however still, with the 300-hp engine and four wheel drive, the convertible does 0-100 in just 5,2 seconds, and there is no doubt that the car boasts quite a lot of power.

The hardtop does however provide great insulation from noise. Also, trunk space has not been compromised too much. You get almost 370 liters of trunk space, and compartments right and left of the main luggage area let you store smaller items. The hardtop has also been constructed so that you’re allowed easy access to the trunk even when the roof is down. To cope with the occasional cold wind, the front seats can be fitted with neck warmers. These are controlled individually and have three different settings to help you stay warm even during colder days.

The 4 series can be fitted with various packages if you’re looking for extra features which make your BMW stand out. For example with the M Sport Package, where an aerodynamics kit, M steering wheel, and more enhancement options are included. Another option is the Technology Package which gives you BMW ConnectedDrive, real time traffic information, the possibility to control your BMW from your phone, and even more features. If you’re looking for extra luxury the 4 series convertible can be had with the Luxury Package, including leather seats with exclusive stitching, and wooden interior trims. Other options include the Lighting Package with LED headlights, and the Driver Assistance Package with features for safety and assisting your drive.

If you are looking for a medium-sized convertible with four real seats and great utility, the BMW 4 series convertible will cater to all your needs. With a powerful engine and neat design with the roof both up and down, BMW has created a truly attractive vehicle for your summer adventures – no matter if you’re hitting the road just to cruise in the sun or because you want to have a more thrilling experience as you’re heading from point A to point B in style.