Mercedes-Benz SLC

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Mercedes’ convertible SLK comes in 2016 not just with a new name, the SLC, but of course with lots of new features as well. The Mercedes-Benz SLC is the manufacturer’s small convertible with a retractable hardtop. And for the motor enthusiasts, it comes in the AMG-version as well.

Depending on where you live, the SLC has different available engine options. For example in the US, you will be able to acquire either the SLC300 or the AMG SLC43, whereas people in the UK can opt for four different alternatives: the SLC200, SLC300 or the diesel option 250d, as well as the AMG SLC43. Under the hood of the 200 and 300 SLCs, you find a two liter petrol engine with 181bhp and 242bhp respectively. The 2.1 liter SLC250d turbodiesel gives 201bhp.

Most interesting however is the Mercedes-AMG SLC43, which replaces the preceding SLK 55 AMG. Whereas the SLK had a 5.5 liter 416bhp V8, the SLC43 has been given a slightly more eco-friendly engine. This does however not make it short on power at all. The SLC43 boasts a 3 liter twin-turbo V6 giving 363bhp. According to Mercedes, the SLC will do 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds, and the (electronically limited) top speed is 250 km/h. Apart from this you get a firm suspension with minimal body roll, and you can opt for a limited-slip differential. In short, there is no doubt that the AMG SLC43 has been crafted for optimal driving performance.

From a design perspective, it is not hard to spot that the SLC is the SLK’s successor. But the SLC has gotten an updated look and it fits well into Mercedes’ latest line of models. The interior remains luxurious, as with all the manufacturer’s models, and you notice that the SLC is no exception to the renowned quality of Mercedes.

The SLC43’s interior distinguishes itself from the other versions mostly through sport seats, the sport steering wheel, and race timer, which together with the red trim provides an overall more sporty feel to the car when you’re sitting behind the wheel. On the outside the AMG-version has larger air intakes than the “regular” SLCs, spanning the entire front of the car, as well as 18-inch wheels that come as standard and a rear bumper which gives the car a more aggressive look.

While the SLC is a small car, you can fit enough luggage in the trunk for a few days away, provided the roof is up. With the hard top retracted however, there isn’t a lot of space left. But we wouldn’t call it a major issue, as the SLC isn’t really meant to be taken away for week long adventures.

The SLC is a nimble little convertible which despite its size can boast quite the amount of power. Opt for the smaller diesel engine if you’re looking for a more fuel efficient and economical convertible cruiser, or go for the bigger SLC300 or even AMG43 to get more of an intense driving experience behind the wheel. In either case the SLC is an attractive hardtop convertible which lives up to the Mercedes brand in all aspects.